Thank God It's Christmas Queen

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OGh my love we've had our share of tea ars
GOh my friend we've had our hopes and a fears
GOh my fDriends it's been a long hard Cyear
But now it's a Christmas
Yes it's CChristmas
Thank God it's DisChristmas

The Gmoon and stars seem awful cold and ba right
Let's hGope the snow will make this Christmas ria ght
My fGriend the wDorld will share this special nia ght
Because it's Cha ristmas
Yes it's ChCristmas
Thank God it's ChDisristmas
FGor oDne niCght       E 

Thank God it's AChristmas yeaEh
Thank God it's CAhristmas
DThank God it's CChristmas
DCan it be CChristmas?
DLet it be CChristmas
DEv'ry Eday
OGh my love we've lived in troubled a days
OGh my friend we have the strangest waa ys
AGll my frDiends on this one day of daCys
Thank God it's Cha ristmas
Yes it's ChCristmas
Thank God it's ChrDisistmas
FGor oDne dGay     C      G 

Thank God it's CChristmas
Yes it's ChGristmas
Thank God it's ChrCistmas
Oooh yeaGh

Thank God it's ChCristmas
Yes yes yes yes it's ChGristmas
Thank God it's ChCristmas
FGor oCne daGy   C  G 

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