These Are the Days of Our Lives Queen

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Verse 1:

CSometimes I getF/C to feeling I was bCack iFn the oldB/F days Flong ago

CWhen we were kids, wheF/Cn we wereC younFg thingsB/F seemeFd so perfect, you know

C/GThe days were nedless, we were crazy we were young

GThe sun was always shining, we just lived for fun

d/A Sometimes I feeld like lately, I dont know

a The rest of my lifesG been just a show


CThose F/Cwere Cthe G/Bdays a of oGur liF9ves

CThe bad tF/Chings Cin lG/Bife weCre sGo feF9

ThosCe daF/Cys arCe alG/Bl gona e noGw,B butFsus2 onB e thiF/Ang is true

When I loC/Gok, and I fiGnd I still Flove you

Verse 2:
You cant turn back the clock, you cant turn back the tide
Aint that a shame?
Id like to go back one time on a rollercoaster ride
When life's just a game
No use in sitting and thinking on what you did
When you can lay back and enjoy it through your kids
Sometimes it seems like lately, I just dont know
Better sit back and go with the flow

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