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Ie search for her in theC dead of night
Ae silhouette lit byC candle light
e In a whisperedF word she ise gone
Familiar stranger witChout a name
In ae darkened room they allC look the same
e Like the sands ofF time she slipse away,F so far ae way

e In the mirror you canC see her face
She's ane angel dressed in theC blackest lace
Ae sip of wine andF the game can be egin
Just an imageC lost in fantasy
e Then you touch her and youC can't break free
e Till you see yourF fate written there in here eyes

a OooooooFooh, Ae riel
a Lost in a distantF dream, take meC home, ArGiel B7  

a OooooooFooh e   
I'm soa lost in a distantF dream, take meC home, AGriel B7  

a OooooooFooh, Ae riel
I'm soa lost in a distantF dream, take meC home, AGriel, yeah
FLost, I'm soC lost, Oh AGriel, yeah
I'm soF lost, but not alone,C so far from my home, AGriel
g Oooooooooh,d Ariel,g Oooooooooh,d Ariel...

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