Lost in Hollywood Rainbow

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h Gotta get a mEessage through
h Cause I think I'm Elosing Gyou
AAm I too lath e? A 
h Drinking habit's a lEoose sometime
h I gotta kEnow if you're still mGine
AAnd I can't wah it A 

ELast Atime I Dsaw your Gface
FisYou tried to hide the tears
h But I could see the tracAe
EI'd Abe there Dif I cGould
FisBut it's so far away from home

FisLost in Hollywoh od

h In the dark the Evultures wait
h I can hear them kEnocking at my gGate
ABut I'm not herh e  A 
h The brew was cold the Emeat is stale
h In the L.A. Enight the sirens Gwail
AThe song you can fh eelA 

EPale sAtars that nDever Gshine
FisScotch and the whiskey
h And the Rainbow local winAe
EShe's Adone more Dbad than Ggood
FisI gotta get away somehow

FisLost in Hollywoh od

h On the streets the Esun is fine
h Don't you feel the advEantage hit your Gmind
AFeels all right,h ohA yeah
h But I'm a lover like a Eloaded gun
h Chasing shEadows on the Grun
AOut in the nigh ht A 

EI'm Agonna lDose contrGol
FisIf I been losing you
h To pay for rock'n'rolAl
EGet Aback I knDow I shoGuld
FisGotta get back home to you
FisYou don't know what I been through
FisBut there's nothing I can do, oh no

FisLost in Hollywoh od

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