I'll never cry Rainbow

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CIf there’s a tC7ear’s on my faFcef   
CThat’s makes me sC7hiver to the bFones
It shakes mf e babeC 
It’s just heaC7rtache, that caFught in my eyDes
And you knCowa I’ll never cFryG, I’ll never cFryf    C 

Sometimes I drink more than I need
Until the t.v.’s dead and gone
I may be lonely but im never alone
And the nights may pass me by
But I’ll never cry

FTake away, take e away my ea yes
FSometimes I’d rather be blGind
FBreak a heart, bre eak a heart of sta ones
FOpen it up but don’t you leGave it aloCne

But that’s all I;ve got to give to you
Believe me babe it aint been used
My hearts a virgin it aint never been tried
And you know, I’ll never cry, I’ll never cry

And you kCnow, you know, you know,  yoa u know
I’ll never FcrCy, I’ll never cFry

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