Send Me An Angel Scorpions

dThe wise man Bsaid just awalk this dway
To the Bdawn of the Clight
dThe wind willB blow ainto your dface
As the Byears pass you Cby
dHear this Bvoice from adeep indside
It's Bcall of your Cheart
dClose your Beyes and ayou will dfind
The passage Bout of the Cdark

Chorus: e Here I Damh will you Csend me an Dangeel
Here I Damh in the Cland of the Dmorning estar

eThe wise man Csaid just hfind your eplace
In the Ceye of the Dstorm
eSeek the Croses ahlong the eway
Just beCware of the Dthorns

Chorus: fis Here I Eamcis will you Dsend me an Eangefisl
Here I Eamcis in the Dland of the Emorning dstar

The wise man said just raise your hand       d B a d
And reach out for the spell                  B C
Find the door to the promised land           d B a d
Just believe in your self                    B C
Hear this voice from deep inside             d B a d
It's the call of your heart                  B C
Close your eyes and you will find            d B a d
The way out of the dark                      B C

Chorus: Here I am will you send me an angel  e D h C D e
Here I am in the land of the morning star    D h C D e

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