This is my song Scorpions

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d I can't believe what theg people say
CThere's only hate everywd here
d So many people go dig fferent ways
CSo many things don't youd care

d They see nobody, they seg e themselves
CBut a stage like in a shd ow

They see the hell, and they need your help
C d C d C...
They need your help, they need love, love

d This is my Csong
g I tell you about the stAory of lod ve
This is myC song
g I tell you about the stAory of ld ove

I think I need you, you neeg d me too
CThe place where we live is d here
The world is griping what can g I do
CFor you and you everd ywhere

d I sing this song 'bout the world og f love
CAnd hope you hear what Id say
Forever freedom, foreverg love
CForever love eved rydaCy..d .   C 

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