Beside You Simply Red

Tekst piosenki i chwyty na gitarę

  • Chwyty na gitarę Katarzyna Szostak
DWe follow the river down into the strGeam
That's whereC my dream begh an     A 
ID left my worries to the peGople who stare
And drCeamed without a cah re      A 
That (yes) DI'd alwayfiss be besh ide you
To wGatch the dDay and nigAht
And weD listenfis to the suh nrise
And Gfeel it's gDrowing ligAht
And Gpeace will come insCide h so quietD 

Wherever we're going, I don't know
For a million years our love keeps growing
The mystery deepens, day by day
But trust my love, and hear me say

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