Perfect Love Simply Red

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  • Chwyty na gitarę Katarzyna Szostak
Yofisur pCis7erfecfist loCis7ve 
Your perfect love

Ofish boy, what a fCis7ight
We fofisught and the thCis7ing is,

We were both right,
Ok I'm crazy but maybe,

Qfisuiero Tenerte
QCis7uisiera Odiarte
Qfisuiero besante
QCis7uiero Olvidarte

Bfisoth of us, what a sCis7ight,
In the mfisorning screaCis7ming,
Bfiselieving it could be so rCis7ight,
'Cfisause you know that your mine bCis7aby, yes you h are

Still yoDu're in my drfiseams,
Not constah ntly, D 
Not constaCis7ntly

Your perfecfist loCis7ve   fis    Cis7   
Your perfect love
Your perfect love
Your perfect love

Through the day and the night,
Dreaming of you baby,
Here with a love that feels so right,
I know its hazy but maybe,

Yo Quiero Amarte
Quiero Olvidarte
Debi Sacarte
Pero no puedo

But believe me enough,
To be eternally,

Your perfect love
Your perfect love

Yo Quiero amarte
Yo Quiero Verte
Debi Sacarte
Quiero Olvidarte

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