Divorced Tool

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[Buzz:] What about Ryan?
[Maynard:] No, he blew it, he lost the number for the girl he met down here.
[Buzz:] Oh, and Adam said she's a beauty.
[Maynard:] She's the one who has that fucked up voice.
[Buzz:] Is she a rocket scientist?
[Maynard:] The fuckin'... she has a voice like a fuckin' modem dude!
[Buzz:] Haha sounds perfect!
[Maynard:] (Immatates a chick with a voice like a modem sayin' some weird
[Buzz:] (Laughs)
[Maynard:] Then he got to work up there, you know Ryan gets off at work, I
guess to show that he has a dick.
[Buzz:] (Laughs)

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