The Heretic Victor Smolski

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This darkest hour has now come to pass
A countless string of endless nights, bring on a hollow pain I can’t describe
My reality lies before me, like a shattered dream
My gift... An unholy curse?
Perhaps... Misunderstood, but never misused
No kind words for me, only the distant sounds of an angry mob
Feeble of mind...they cling tight to archaic doctrines of Christianity
A crucible of hate, cold black eyes stare
Empty- Void of all human compassion, now foreshadowing my dismal fate

Who’s to speak justice out of the darkness?
Hell is painful and hell is here

Ignorance leads you, fear is what feeds you
What’s your sentence? A crying shame

You witness your level when you speak of the devil
In your scared face grins the antichrist

Be to enfold you, don’t do what they told you
Let them live, don’t deny God’s choice

I forgive...

Accused and condemned
I bear not the mark of the beast
Yes...I forgive...For they stumble even in the light of day

There’s no penance for blasphemy
For they hate and destroy what they can truly love
My life now hangs in the balance, like an ice-sickle in the burning sun
I begged them for mercy and they showed me none

My last gaze now set on the eternal gates of hell
Only to be purified by:
These Words, The Flames and My Convictions

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