We Are Blessed All Sons & Daughters

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We areb loved at the end of our rope
When we’re Gless there is more of the Lord
In the fightD for our souls we must learn to let go
And Aabandon who we are

We are b loved when we feel all is lost
When the Gshadows are cast on the cross
Only thDen can we know the embrace of the one
Who’s Acarried us along

We are Gblessed  D 
We are Ablessed
We are Gblessed   D 
We are Ablessed

We are b loved when we feel most content
With who weG are nothing more nothing less
We’ll inDherit the earth declaring Your worth
And bring Aglory to Your name

We are Gblessed  b   
We areA blessed
We are Gblessed  b   
We are Ablessed

GWe’re blessed we’re Dloved
b Our hearts our Asouls
GWe now reDjoice reAjoice

GOhD ob h oAh G  D  A x4

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