Your Love Is All Around All Sons & Daughters

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MDajesty enthAroned in beauty
AEll my life, Your love pursues me
aDnd I'm foAund in YEou

Oh HoDly One, the KAing of glory
YoEu're the Author of my story
anDd I'm foAund in YEou

'Cause You give me Dlife, And lead me to ffisind
Your grace and Your meArcy, Given so freEely
Your word is my liDght, and it leads me to ffisind
Your comfort and heaAling, The hope that I'm neeEding
Your love is all aDroAunEd
Your love is all aDroAunEd

Oh LiviDng One, You reAign forever
DErawing me into Your presence
aDnd I'm foAund in YEou

Oh GrDeat Redeemer, PrecAious Savior
YEou are faithful, though I wander
Dand I'm fouAnd in YEou

DAnd I hear Your voice
AI hear the words You've spoken
fisThis love is Yours
EThis love restores the broken x2

DOhA, EYour love is all around x3

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