You Hold It All Together All Sons & Daughters

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D D/F# G

It Dfeels like an ocean of D/F#sorrow is under my sGkin
DEven the ocean evD/F#entually meets with Gsand

GSorrow on sorrow, I'm wAaiting
b Heavy I'm anticifispating
GTrusting the current will Acarry b me

G7+ You are my sb trengtAh
G7+ You are myb songA 
D/F#You aG7+ re my sab lvatioAn
YD/F#ou hold itG7+ all togAetheb
YD/F#ou hold itG7+ all toAgethDer

b We come with great expecfistations and fears in our Ghearts
b Send us Your light as we're fismaking our way through the Gdark

GAll of our earlier Atroubles
b Chaos and pain may fisunravel
GLooking ahead, we Arejoice in b You

b Like a stone Ain the wasteland
fisI was useless G7+ until You
b Lifted high Ain Your mercy
fisOut of sorrow G7+ and made new

b Oh this mind, it Gcannot measure
DAll Your favors iAn this world
b So we shout in Gadoration
DHoly holy arAe You Lord

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