Carrie Cliff Richards

Tekst piosenki i chwyty na gitarę

  • Chwyty na gitarę Rocky
  SorC5ry to disturb yD5ou,    but C5I was in the neighbourD5hood,
  aboF5ut a friC5end I’ve her picture, D5could you take a lC5ookD5?  C5  
C5 Oh, I appreciate, you’rD5e busy,C5and time is not your own,   D 
F5 yeah, maybC5e it would be betD5ter if I teleC5phoned.    D5  

CaCrrie doesn’t d live herCe   anyd more,
CarCrie used tod room on thCe second flHboor.
SoCrry, that she lHbeft no foCrwarding aHbddress that was kCnown to md e.  C   d   

CaCrrie doesn’td live here C anymore,
yoCu could always ad sk at the Ccorner stoHbre,
CCarrie had a daHbte with her Cown kind of faHbte, it’s plain to sDbee.

 C5Another missing pD5erson,  C5 one of many, weD5 assume,
F5 the youngC5 wear their freeD5dom like sweeC5t perfume. D5      C5  
C It’s useless infoHbrmation, returning my caCll,
 Cto help the siHbtuation, they’ve nothing at a all,
 a you’re just another mHbessage on a Cpayphone wd all.

CCarrie doesn’t ld ive here C  anymord e,
CCarrie used to rod om on the Csecond flHboor.
CSorry, that she lHbeft no Cforwarding adHbdress that was Cknown to d me. C   d   
Carrie !

CCarrie doesn’t d live hereC    anymd ore,
CCarrie used to rd oom on the sCecond flHboor.
SoCrry, that she Hbleft no fCorwarding addHbress, it’s a mysteryDb

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