Don't Talk To Him Cliff Richards

Tekst piosenki i chwyty na gitarę

  • Chwyty na gitarę Rocky
If Gsome guys tells you, I don't care,

and tells you lies while Im not there..
Don't a talk to him.
and Dif he tells you, I'm untrue,
then D7darling, here what you must do..
Don't Ctalk to GhimD.

And e if he tells you I've been seen,
Cwalking round with Sue and Jean,
he's a lying again. (Lying again.)
Do Danything that you want to,
but D7darling, this I beg of you..
Don't Ctalk to him.G 
If you Chear the words he a has to say,
he'll Gbreak your hearte
Let your Clove for me prove Astrong
while we are Dfar apart.D7  

So Gjust remember what I say,
and trust in me while Im away for a I'll be true.
And Djust remember my true love is
D7brighter than the moon above, for Conly GyouD.
And e if this guy should try to say,
my Clove for you is only play ma erely a whim.

Just Dclose your eyes and count to ten,
And D7think of me again..but don't you Ctalk to Ghim.

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