Miss You Nights Cliff Richards

Tekst piosenki i chwyty na gitarę

  • Chwyty na gitarę Rocky
D h  G D h  G

[Zwrotka 1]
A        D                 h 
I've had many times, I can tell you,
G          D             h              G A
times when innocence I'd trade for company.
    D               h 
And children saw me crying,
  G           D               A     A7
I thought I’d had my share of that.
          G               A         D         A
But these Miss You Nights   are the  longest

[Zwrotka 2]
         D                h 
Midnight diamonds stud my heaven,
G           D               h 
  southward burning lie the  jewels
             G   A
that eye your place.
    D               h 
And warm winds that embrace me,
G         D                  A     A7
  just as surely kissed your face.
            G               A           D       A
Yeah, these Miss You Nights they're the longest

How I missed you,
      f                   G
how I missed you, I'm not likely to tell,
I'm a man,
    h                      G                A
and cold daylight buys the pride I'd rather sell.
All my secrets,
       f             G      e 
all my secrets are a wasted affair,
G               D     G
  you know them well

[Zwrotka 3]
D                h 
  Thinking of my going,
G                D          h            G
  how to cut the thread and leave it all behind
Looking windwards,
D      h 
for my compass,
  G         D         A        A7
I take each day as it arrives
          G               A        D        D7
But these Miss You Nights  are the  longest.

G              A           f    h 
  Lay down all thoughts of your surrender,
G                    A
  it's only me who's killing time.
G             A          f           h 
Play down all dreams and themes once remembered,
G                        A              A7
it's just the same, this miss you game
          G               A       D        D7
and these Miss You Nights are the longest.
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