Miss You Nights Cliff Richards

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D h G D h G

[Zwrotka 1]
AI've had Dmany times, I can h tell you,
Gtimes when Dinnocence I'd h trade for compaGnyA.
And Dchildren saw me h crying,
I Gthought I’d Dhad my share of Athat. A7  
But these GMiss You Nights A  are the D longest  A 

[Zwrotka 2]
Midnight Ddiamonds stud my h heaven,
G  southward Dburning lie the h jewels
that eye yourG plaAce.
And Dwarm winds that h embrace me,
G  just as Dsurely kissed your Aface. A7  
Yeah, these GMiss You Nights Athey're the Dlongest A 

How I Dmissed you,
how I f missed you, I'm not Glikely to tell,
I'm a Dman,
and h cold daylight buys the Gpride I'd rather Asell.
All my Dsecrets,
all my f secrets are a Gwasted e affair,
G  you know them Dwell  G 

[Zwrotka 3]
D  Thinking of my h going,
G  how to cut the Dthread and h leave it all Gbehind
Looking Awindwards,
Dfor my h compass,
I Gtake each Dday as it Aarrives  A7  
But these GMiss You Nights A are the D longest.D7  

G  Lay down all Athoughts of f your h surrender,
G  it's only me who's Akilling time.
GPlay down all Adreams and f themes once h remembered,
Git's just the same, this Amiss you game  A7  
and these GMiss You Nights Aare the Dlongest. D7  

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