She's Gone Cliff Richards

Tekst piosenki i chwyty na gitarę

  • Chwyty na gitarę Rocky
EI’ve been waiting Ahere for you since Enine,
EI get sick from Awaiting all the Etime.
AI know you ain’t treatin’ me like you Eshould,
AI guess I’m gonna H7lea..Ave for Egood.

The Etickets I bought Afor the show toEnight..
Eain’t no use beAcause you’re not in Esight.
I Awonder what poor guy you’re cheatin' Enow?
I'll Afind him and H7wa...Arn him someEhow.
EOh, she’s gone. A  E  A  E    H7   A  E 

EWell, if you want me, Ayou can chase me aEround.
EOh, you know all the Aplaces where I’m Efound.
AI don’t care if I never hear from Eyou..
I Aguess you’ll never H7ev..Aer be Etrue.

EShe’s gone, oh, she’s gone...
oh, she’s gone, oh, she’s gone...

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