Till You Got Me Curly Heads

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e G C b x2

b I felt so e dark at the weekend
GDark and restricted
CTime was just a different b place
My e skin was so dry
GI noticed your smile
And Ctried to ignore your b face
But it seemed so e pointless
One of my Gbest friends
"Why would you Cleave me?"
On my b mind
I couldn't e stand up though I've never Gbeen down honey
CNow every party's b at the door

e G C b x2

So I juste pretend I am partly Gdead
All the words were Csaid
All the lines seem b straight
I've been e around for a while
I sGhould know now
That Cthis is not the b way
'Cause I'm not the e victim
And I used to Gdream big
Pictures and Cshemes where did you b go?
I didn't e mean to I know you didn't Gtoo honey
Now Ceverybody's b at the door

e Weak 'till you found me
DWeak till you got me, Cweak till you got me, b oh
I used to e beg every minute, Dsay you don't mean it
CWeak till you got me b oh

I wasn't e fed  D   C   b x2

e D C b x4

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