Sealed with a kiss Happysad

a   Thougd h we gotta saa y goodbye for the summer,
d darling, I prGomise you tChis:
I'll sAend you all my ld ove  G every dEay in a la etter,
d  sEealed with a ka iss

DGuea ss it's ga oing to be a cold lonely summer,
but, d I'll fill the GemptinCess
I'll sAend you all my drd eams  G every dEay in a a letter
d   Eseald with a a kiss

I'll sDee you in the sa unlight, I'll hDear your voice everywa here,
I'll rDun to tenderly a hold you, but dd arling, you won't be thEere

DI dona t want to sa ay goodbye for the summer
d knowing the lGove we'll mCiss
Oh, lAet us make a pld edge  G to mEeet in Sepa tember,
d and seEal it with a ka iss

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