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H You know that, I love you
gis You know that, I want to kFisnow you so much more
E More than I had before H  E  gis    Fis  
H These words are, from my heart
gis These words are, not made up
Fis I will live for you
E I am devoted to you H  E  gis    Fis  

King of majFisesty
I have gisone desire
Just to Fisbe with ygisou my loErd
Just to Fisbe with ygisou my loErd

HJesus, yEou are the saFisvior oEf my soHulgis    Fis   E 
And foreHver and egisver I'll gFisive my praEises to yHougis    Fis   E 

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