Worthy Is The Lamb Hillsong United

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Thank you for the crCoss Lord    G 
Thank you for the prCice YoDu paGid
Bearing all my sDin and se hame
DIn love YCou came
And ga ave aGmazing gDrace

Thank you for this lCove Lord   G 
Thank you for the nCail pDierced hGands
Washed me in Your cDleansing fe low
Now aDll I kCnow
Your forga iveness aGnd eDsus4mbraceD 

GWorthy is the DLamb
a Seated Gon the Cthrone
DWE Crown You now with mGany cCrowns
a You reign GvictorDious
GHigh and lifted Dup
a Jesus GSon of CGod
DThe Darling of Heaven GcruciCfied  Dsus4     

Worthy is the Laa mb   G   C 
Worthy is the Laa mb   G   D 

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