One Way Hillsong United

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HI lay my life down at Your feet
gisCos You're the only one I need
FisI turn to You and You are always Ethere
HIn troubled times it's You I seek
gisI put You first that's all I need
FisI humble all I am all to EYou

HOne way, FisJesus
gisYou're the only one that I Ecould live for
HOne way, FisJesus
gisYou're the only one that AI could live for

HYou are always, always there
gisEvery how and everywhere
FisYour grace abounds so deeply within Eme
HYou will never, ever change
gisYesterday, today the same
FisForever 'til forever meets no Eend

HYou are The Way, The FisTruth and The Life
We gislive by faith and Enot by sight for gisYou
We're Fisliving all for EYou

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