The Time Has Come Hillsong United

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AFound love beyond all reason
AYou gave Your life Your all ffisor me
And caDlled me Yours foreAver
ACaught in the mercy fallout
AI found hope found life
Found all fisI need
DYou're all I needA 

The timeE has come
To fisstand for all we believeD in
So IE for one am gonna
fisGive my praise to YouD (Jesus)

Today,A Today it's all or nothing
fisAll the way
The praise goes out to YouD 
Yeah all the praise goes out to YouA 
Today,A today I live for one thing
To fisgive You praise
in everything I doD 

fisAll we are is Yours
h And all we're living for
Is allD You are
Is allA that You Eare Lord

Ain everything I do;fis   
yeah, all the prDaise goes out to YouA 

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