So Will I (100 Billion X) Hillsong United

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DGod of creation
fisThere at the start, beEfore the beginning ofD time fis      E 
With Dno point of reference
You fisspoke to the dark and Efleshed out the wonder ofD light A/C#       E 

And as You spAeak
A hundred billion fisgalaxies are bornE 
In the vapour of Your A/C#breath the planetsD form
If the stfisars were made to woDrship, so will IA 
I can see Your heart in fiseverything You've made E 
Every burning star, a siA/C#gnal fire ofD grace
If crefisation sings Your prDaises, so will IA    fis     E    A/C#    

DGod of Your promise
You fisdon't speak in vain, no Esyllable empty orD void fis       E 
For Donce You have spoken
All fisnature and science, Efollow the sound of YourD voice A/C#       E 

And as You spAeak
A hundred billion crfiseatures catch Your breath E 
Evolving in purA/C#suit of what YouD said
If it afisll reveals Your nDature, so will I A 
I can see Your heart in fiseverything You sayE 
Every painted sky, a A/C#canvas of YourD grace
If crefisation still oDbeys You, so will IA    fis   
(So will IE, A/C# so will ID)    fis      E    D     fis      E 

If the stDars were made to worship, so will Ifis      E 
If the mouDntains bow in reverence, so will Ifis      E 
If the oDceans roar Your greatness, so will Ifis      E 
For if eDverything exists to lift You hfisigh, so will IE 
And if the Dwind goes where You send it, so will Ifis      E 
If the Drocks cry out in silence, so will Ifis      E 
If the Dsum of all our praises still falls shyfis      E 
Then we'll Dsing again a hundred billion tfisimes   E    D       fis      E 
DWhoa fis      E 

DGod of salvation
You fischased down my heart through Eall of my failure andD pridefis      E 
On a Dhill You created
The fislight of the world aEbandoned in darkness toD die  A/C#       E 

And as You spAeak
A hundred billion fisfailures disappearE 
Where You lost Your life so A/C#I could find itD here
If You lfiseft the grave beDhind You, so will IA 
I can see Your heart in fiseverything You've doneE 
Every part designed in a A/C#work of art calledD love
If You fisgladly chose surrDender, so will IA 
I can see in Your heart, eight fisbillion different waysE 
Every precious one, a A/C#child You died toD save
If You fisgave Your life to Dlove them, so will IA 

Like You would again a fishundred billionE times
But what measure could A/C#amount to Your de D- sire
You're the fisOne who never Dleaves the one beAhind

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