A Kindly Reminder Passenger

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G C G e C G

Well I hGeard all about your trCavel bGan
Just for ce ountries that don't fit your bCusiness plGan
But how cGan you decide who cannCot and who cGan
You're the prCesident nGow, not a bDusiness mGan

And I hGeard you say climate chCange isn't rGeal
But that's ne ot how the world's leading scCientists fGeel
So go bGury your head in the sCand if you wGill
But the wCaters are rGising around CDapitol HGill

With D4 years in front and only C3 weeks behGind you
You've sDomehow already managed to Cupset ChGina
And if DI could offer a kCindly remGinder
It's not DOK to grab women Cby the vagGina

And mGaybe it's 'cause your hCands are so smGall
That's whe y you have to build such a bCig fucking wGall
Yeah you prGomised it wide and you prComised it tGall
Now you're wCanting the MGexicans to pDay for it Gall

And you sDay that you'll make AmCerica grGeat
But I fDear that we're in for a lCong fucking wGait
'Cause you're cDarving divides through Cevery stGate
And you're fDilling up hearts with fCear and hGate

G C G e C G x2

And I knGow this song won't chCange your thGoughts
We more le ikely to see your tCax reports G 

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