The Last Unicorn Passenger

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GWell we'll kiss for that's hDow it beginCs
GWe'll embrace just to wDarm our skCin
e7 I'll think of her and you'll Dthink of ChimG   C   G 

GAnd we'll talk to keep the siDlence from our eCars
GAnd we'll laugh because we're soD close to teCars
e7 We're just lonely, you know, tDhat's why we'reC heGre C   G 

e7 Cos you don't tCaste like you shoGuld
And you de7 on't fit in my Carms like she wouDld
e7 Lying in the dCark, it's undersDtood
We are both le7 ost   C         D 
And we won't be found  C       G 

GWe will wake up with each oDther in our porCes
GYou cover over white bits like I've not Dseen them beCfore
e7 We'll say goodbye and then weD'll say no morCe

e7 Cause hearts won't buy Clove and nor will they seGll
e7 And there is no Clove in this hotDel
e7 Though we're walking hCome we know too weDll
We are both loe7 st   C       D 
We are both loe7 st   C       D 
And we won't be founda   
a She was my compass

He was your map
We've come too far to be turninDg back

GAnd we'll sit on our siDngle beds  C 
GNothing on our hearts and teDars on our threCads
GFor we know the last uniDcorn is deadC 

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