Best Is Yet To Come Red

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a Afraid it Cwon't come 'round aa gain
CAfraid to move on a   
a Wishing CI could go back a when
CEverything was Geasier and meaningful to Fme
a Wanting Call we left bea hind
CLike it's the answer a   
a An hourCglass we can't rea wind
CHolding back the Glife that I've denied for so Flong
FCan I find my way to you

CAnd after all that we've been Gthrough

And after all we left in Fpieces
a I still believe our Glives have just beguCn
C'Cause now the past can be outGrun
And I know you are the Freason
a I still believe the Gbest is yet to cCome

a A photoCgraph still in my a hands
CAfraid to let go a   
a The minutes Crain like grains of a sand
CAnd time is just a Gwar that's stealing dreams from witFhin
FSo come and take them back again

FI won't Cturn Garound
GAnd let it all slip away
a I'm never backing Gdown
'Cause Ctomorrow's a new day a   
And Ceverything can a changFe

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