Hold Me Now Red

Tekst piosenki i chwyty na gitarę

  • Chwyty na gitarę floem
b Fall asleep to dreaDms of home where the waves are crashing;
b The only place I've Dever known now the future has me;
b I see the fire in tDhe sky, see it all around me;
AI said the past was b dead the lifGe I had is gone;
ASaid I won't gib ve up until I Gsee the sun.

DHold meB now, 'til theb fear is leaving, GI am barely breathing.

b Waking up and lDetting go, to the sound of angels;
b Am I alive or justD a ghost, haunted by my sorrows?
b Hope is slipping throDugh my hands; gravity is taking hold;

AI said I'm not afraib d, that I amG brave enough
AI will not give b up until I seGe the sun.

DHold meA now, 'til the fb ear is leaving, I Gam barely breathing.
DCrying oAut, these tired b wings are falling, GI need You to catch me.

AAs I burn, ab s I break, I Gcan't take it anymore.
AI return to thb e place whGere the we7 ater covers over everything
ResGcue me somehow.

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