Forever Red

Tekst piosenki i chwyty na gitarę

  • Chwyty na gitarę floem
e I try to run,C I try to hide
G From a Dvoice that couldn't satisfy
e That was me,C always needing more
G But letting goD of all I had before
e Cause it Cfeels like the eGnd
A Dwound that I can't e mend
I Cjust can't fGight any lDonger

C You waited D'til I sobered
e You came when You Gknew that
The Dgame was over

C I didn't even want to Dbe found

But you chased me a down and
CBroke in just when
G I was Ddone believing
a Spun me 'roCund so close now
G I can Hfeel you breathing
a Sunlight buCrns inside and
G I feel Dso alive and
a Help me nCow, tell me how
G How can this Hlast forever, forever

e I ignored the signsC, opened every door
G But I couldn't Dfind what I searched for
e I try to fightC but I turn and run
G Every move I mDake is the wrong one
e You Cpatiently Gwait fDor my next mise take
I Cknow it won't Gbe much lDonger

e You gave meC so much more
G Than I could Dever ask for
e But I turnedC and followed
G A road the Dleft me hollow
e And stCill you waGited for mDe
To come be ack homeC 
You brought meD home

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