Never Be The Same Red

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FisI know you, b who are you now?
CisLook into my eDisyes if you can't rFisemember b    
Do you remember?Gis Oh! C 

FisI can say, b I can still find
CisYou are the only Disvoice my heart can Fisrecognize b    
But I can hear you now,Gis yeah!

Fis  I'll never be the b same
I'm caught inside the Cismemories

The promises, our Gisyesterdays
When I belonged to yoFis
I just can't walk b away
Cause after Cisloving you     Gis  
I can never be the samFise    b    

And Cishow can I pDisretend I never Fisknew you  b    
Like it was all a dream,Gis no!

Fis I know I'll b never forget
The Cisway I always Disfelt with you bFiseside me  b    
And how you loved me thenGis, yeah!

b You left me here
CisThen I watched you disappear
You leDisft this emptiness inside
AndFis I can't Gisturn back b time
No, stCisay!
Nothing compares to you
DisNothing compares to you
I cFisant let yGisou go     b    
CCisan't let you goDis  
FisI can't Gislet b go!

FisI'll b never be the Cissame  Gis  
Not after Fisloving yob u, not after Cisloving Gisyou, No!

Fis  I can never be the b same
I will never be the sCisame       Gis  

FisOh, oh, oh b    
CisOh, oh  Gis  
I just can't walk Fisaway  b       Cis  
GisNo I can't walk Fisaway..b .  
From yGisou

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