Don't cry Patrice

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He was born in the morning
His mum can't take no more
Do he was found in the evening

In the bed of a burn cigars
No papa to run to
No mama to take no charge
So he'll never be a doctor dentist or movie star

I told him boy
Don't cry
Something will come up way
And the sunrise
Only God believes in
Dad Dad Dad realize
Love will always find
Is where you lie

She was walking down the street
In her arms she had a seal(?)
Looking down dragging her feet
Hard of tears to weap
So she felt down to her knees
Asking the Lord for giving me please
I could never forfill your needs
So please don't cry for me
There was no world way to turn
Neither a penny or cent to burn
This place is saint for those who love
So baby don't cry for


Nobody is telling who you are
Just is telling who you should and should not be

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