Shine on my way Patrice

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Take me away, them false prophets want lead I astray uh
I beg you father shine on my way. uoi
I say, thy name shall be praised, thy name shall be praised
I say, thy name shall be praised, thy name shall be praised

1st Verse:
life about here is inhuman, Babylon a no place fi a man,
wi` no worship illusions, wi` believes ina truth and ina love and in Almighty one.
they pressure your way from yourself all day ling, give you bad
influence until your eyes ears and your heart lock down.
they lead you from the right road right into confusion and
when you speak up, you all of them mock at you and take it fi fun.
well, the truth dem take fi fun.

Jah, Jah hear my song.


2nd Verse:
them all a worship illusion
long time mi I think mi could have changed dem plan, but mi I give in because they don't want no change to be done.
to live at the expense of the poor ? that, mi just can't stand ?
that, mi just don't want that's why mi leave this ya land.
I want to rule my destiny. Mi don't want to put it in their hand.
so, take me away from Babylon civilisation, cause they steal the power from I-man

Jah, Jah hear my song


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