Thought I Knew Patrice

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I thought I knew what love is
but now I got to redefine it,
now I know what I missed
as I was looking for this.
I thought I knew
what love is,
I got to redefine it,
now I know what I missed
as I was looking for this, now I know what love is.

I found beauty in the poorest of places,
while in the rich world there was none of it to find.
Born and raised in the desert your voice was my oasis,
you where like waterwhen my cup was running dry.
In my darkest hour you would shine right in my face yes.
When I was down and blue through you my hopes were raised.
Yes In my prayers I givethanks
and I give praises for you, baby you, baby you


Life is blazing you're amazing moon bathing
on the pavement in your arms I find my peace of mind.
As paradise was civilized and paralized superflys
with 7 lives were televised as heaven crys these lullabies.
Well it's venus between us seniors team up with deamons.
Them fight the wars we bear the scars,
mess up the earth and leave tomars.
This is higher than any mountain greater
than the universe deeper than eternity
your gravity is grounding me.
And I take you on morning rides,
yes I take you on evening rides,
yes we will ridethe storms and tides,
through the night through the night,
through the night

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