How do you call it Patrice

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How do you call it when autumn leaves keep falling?
Tell me how do you mean it?
You think I was dreaming not feeling.
I was feeling for you as I was falling for you.

(Say) I need your love so bad
you make me feel so close to God.
You deal with the truth of the heart (yeah)
and you have so much of that.
Tell me what do we have but love (yeah)
there's nothing much I could think of.
You run from love like you're in a rush.
But anything love builds your doubts will crush


Ohhh ohhh

(Say) girl you have those eyes
I'd do anything for you if they cried.
Even when you curse
I love to watch your lips building bad words.
When ever we be talking on the phone
I just love to hear your tone
even silence sounds good with you
(Say) girl you have so much soul.


How do you call it?
How do you mean it? (how do you mean it?)
I was feeling (I was feeling)
As I was falling (I was falling)

I was feeling for you,as I was falling for you, my soul was crying for you, as I was dying for you as l was falling for you

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