Love Patrice

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I need you like the moon needs the sun to shine
oh every second you deh 'pon my mind

have you ever seen the world with loving eyes
it's beautiful and nice
and every moment's a surprise
have you ever heard how the things them sound with
loving ears
it will make you feel so fine
and makes you wanna dance and smile
do you know what your words can do
when there is love in them

them can crow girls to queens
and beggars to kings
love is the reaason for everything
and that's why I and I ah sing


Good God love is in danger
I'm searching so long now
but it's just hate I find

Good God I feel like a stranger
I walked through the city
and it's just sex them like
oh it's just real love I look for
but all this land got to offer is hatred and shame


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