Song For The Asking Simon & Garfunkel

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G Here is my DSong CFor The e Asking. a7 Ask me and I will Hplay H7so Csweetly,
I'll Gmake you sCmile.  D7   G 

G This is my Dtune Cfor the e taking. a7 Take it, don't turn awHay. H7I've been
Cwaiting Gall my Clife. D7   G 

 e Thinking it over, I've been h sadH. din Thinking it over, I'd be a more than
D7glad to Gchange my waG7ys Cfor the e asking. a7 Ask me and I will Hplay H7all the
Clove that I Ghold inCside. G  D7   G 

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