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Why don't we stDis7- op fooling oure7 selves? D7+      
The game is D6over, Dsus4over, oe7 ver
No Ggood timesg ,   g6    
Dno fisbad h times
There's Gno fistimes at h all
Just The e New York Times Esus2     
D Fis/C# a6/C
Sitting h7 on the Gwindowsill
Near the D7+ flowers
g A A7 D7+

We might asFis7- well be e7 apart D7+      
It hardly D6matters
We Dsus4sleep separatee7 ly  fis7     G 
And drop ag smg6 ile Dpassing fisin the h hall
But there's Gno fislaughs h left
'Cause we e laughed them all Esus2     
D Fis/C# a6/C
And we h7 laughed them e7 all
In a very short Gtime

Is tapping on my D7+ forehead
E9Hanging from my D7+ mirror
E9Rattling the fisteacups
And I e wong der D7+      

How lonDis7- g can I dee7 lay? D7+      
We're just a D6habit
Like Dsus4saccharin e7     Fis7    G 
And I'm habC9itually Dfeelin' fiskinda h blue
But Geach fistime I h try Don the E9thought of leaving you
I Dstop...
Stop and think it over D7+      

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