Sparrow Simon & Garfunkel

Tekst piosenki i chwyty na gitarę

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e Who D will love a little sparrow?
Who's traveled Cfar and cries for Drest?
"Not e I," said the AOak Tree,
"I Dwon't share my h branches with Ano sparrow's nest
And my Dblanket of h leaves won't Awarm her cold e breast."

e Who D will love a little sparrow?
And who will Cspeak a kindly Dword?
"Not e I," said the ASwan,
"The enDtire ih dea is Autterly absurd,
I'd be Dlaughed at and h scorned if the Aother Swans e heard."

e Who D will take pity in his heart
And who will Cfeed a starving Dsparrow?
"Not e I," said the AGolden Wheat,
"I Dwould if I h could but I Acannot I know,
I Dneed all my h grain to Aprosper and e grow."

e Who D will love a little sparrow?
Will no one Cwrite her euloDgy?
"I wie ll," said the AEarth,
"For Dall I've creh ated reAturns unto me,
From Ddust were ye h made and Adust ye shall e be."

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