Old Friends Simon & Garfunkel

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F7+ Old  C7+ friends. F7+ Old  C7+ friends.
d/F Sat on their G7park bench like Cbookendsa
A Gnewspaper blown through the grass falls on the a round toes
of the a/G high shoes of the F7+ old  C7+ friends.

F7+ Old  C7+ friends. d/F Winter compG7anions, the F7+ old  e7 men.
d/F Lost in their G7overcoats Cwaiting for the a sunset.

The Gsounds of the city, shifting through a trees
settle like Gdust on the Fshoulders of the d9 old friends.a   

[Middle 8]
d/F Can you iG7magine us C7+ years from today, F6sharing a f6 park bench C7+ quietly?
How d/F terribly G7strange to be Asus4seventy.

F7+ Old  C7+ friends. d/F Memory G7brushes the F7+ same  e7 years.
GSilently sharing the Csame a fears.

d/F Time it was and what a time it was, it was a C7+ ...  
A time of Finnocence, a time of C7+ confidences
d/F Long ago it must be, I have a Cphotograph
Preserve your Fmemories,
they're all that's Cleft you.

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