Wednesday Morning 3 Am Simon & Garfunkel

Tekst piosenki i chwyty na gitarę

  • Chwyty na gitarę Początkujący Tonacja F
I can hFear the soft bd reathing of the Bgirl that I a love,
As she lFies here besg ide me aslCeep with the night,
And her hFair, in a fd ine mist flBoats on my a pillow,
ReflFecting the gg low of the wBinCter moonlFight.
She is sFoft, she is wd arm, but my Bheart remains ha eavy,
And I waFtch as her brg easts gently rCise, gently fall,
For I kFnow with the fid rst light of dBawn I'll be a leaving,
And toniFght will be g all I have lBeft to recFall.
Oh, wFhat have I dd one, wBhy have I a done it,
I've commFitted a cg rime, I've bCroken the law,
For tweFnty-five dd ollars and pBieces ofa silver,
I heFld up and rg obbed a hBard liquor Fstore.
My lFife seems unrd eal, my cBrime an ia llusion,
A scFene badly wg ritten in wChich I must play,
Yet I kFnow as I gd aze at my yBoung love bea side me,
The moFrning is jg ust a few BhoCurs Faway.

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