Kathys Song Simon & Garfunkel

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GI hear the Cdrizzle of the Grain
a Like a e memoCry it D7falls
GSoft and hwarm GcontinuCing
a Tapping e on my Droof and GwallsC  G 

GAnd from the Cshelter of my Gmind
a Through the e window Cof my D7eyes
GI gaze beyhond the Grain drenched Cstreets
a To England Dwhere my Gheart CliGes

GMy mind's disCtracted and difGfused
a My te houghts are many Cmiles aD7way
GThey lie with hyou when Gyou're aCsleep
a And kiss you e when you Dstart your GdayC  G 

GAnd a song I was Cwriting is left unGdone
a I don't know e why I Cspend my tD7ime
GWriting hsongs I Gcan't beClieve
a With words that e tear and Dstrain to GrhymeC  G 

GAnd so you Csee I have come to Gdoubt
a All that e I once Cheld as D7true
GI stand ahlone withGout beCliefs
a The only e truth I Dknow is GyouC  G 

GAnd as I Cwatch the drops of Grain
a weave their e weary Cpaths and D7die
GI know that hI am Glike the Crain
a There but for the e grace of Dyou go GI  C  G 

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