At Five A.M. Tomorrow Jaromir Nohavica

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At five a.m. tomorrow
Placed against the wall
I´ll toast before I go
to my health with vodka
I´ll tear off the blindfold then
in order to see sky above
and I ´ll think once again
of you my sweet love
na na na
And I will think of you my sweet love

At five a.m. tomorrow
The priest will come in
I´ll say it isn´t so
I´m not going to heaven
I have lived as I have lived
And in the same way I will die
I ´ve made a mess of it
and I ´ll face what comes by
na na na
I´ve made a mess of it what comes by

At five a.m. tomorrow
“Fire” the captain cues
Too bad I´ll never know
Future kisses from you
I´ll still wave at the sun
As sadness comes to me
You´re left here, my loved one
and you will be lonely
na na na
You´re left here, my loved one and lonely

At five a.m. tomorrow
You´ll wash the laundry
and some hay will be thrown
at the wall where I´ll be
so tend to the fire yet
and keep your sorrow out of sight
I beg you don´t forget
Don´t forget and live life
Na na na
Don´t forget about me and live life

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