April Come She Will Simon & Garfunkel

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GApCriGl, Ccome she GwillC  G 
a When streams are e ripe andF7+ swelled with e rain
CMay,D   she willG ste ay
a Resting e in my a arms ae gain   G   C   G   C  G 

GJuCneG, she'll Cchange her Gtune  C  G 
a In restless e walks she'llF7+ prowl the e night
CJulDy, she willG fly  e   
a And give no e warning a to her e flight G   C   G   C  G 

GAuCguGst, Cdie she Gmust   C  G 
a The autumn e winds blowF7+ chilly and e cold
CSeptemDber, I'll rGememe ber
a A love once e new has Dnow grown Gold

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