Friendship test Tenacious D

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Brrrrrriiiinngggg, Brrrriiiiinnnnggggg


[KG:] Two Kings

[JB:] Hey KG

[KG:] Hey

[JB:] How's It Goin'?

[KG:] Good, Good...

[JB:] Whatta ya doin?..

[KG:] Aw, god I was just...

[JB:] I Love You...

[KG:] What You Say??

[JB:] I said I love you man, just wanted to say it

[KG:] really, thanks, thank you, thats awesome, fuckin' awesome,

ya know, thats cool you can say that

[JB:] Don't you have somethin' to say?...

[KG:] No, aw, i lo.., well, i, I like you, i like you too dude

[JB:] Woah, Woah, LIKE?!?! HO HO HO MAN! I'm glad i fuckin did this

test on you, the mateuszg friendship test

[KG:] WHAT, Whatta you talkin about?

[JB:] No, man, what happened before when i said i love you that

was a test, because man i could have made a total ass of myself

if i didn't do this test on you, *whistles* WOO HOO

[KG:] But, you don't, don't really love me?

[JB:] dude, listen, you fuckin' passed the test, okay, BUT BARELY, you

know what you got?

[KG:] What I Get?

[JB:] F Plus, Click

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