Fuck Her Gently Tenacious D

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DYou don't alwfisays have to fuck her hard, In
e Fact sometimes that's Anot right ... to do.
DSometimes you gotta fismake some love
e  And fuckin give her some Asmooches too

b Sometimes you got to Gsqueeze
b Sometimes you got to say Gplease
DSometimes you got to say Ahey:

I'm goDnna fuck you .fis... softly
e I'm gonna screw Ayou gently
I'm goDnna hump you..fis.. sweetly
I'm goe nna ball you .A.. discretely---

b And then you say, GHey I brought you flowers
D  And then you say, AWait a minute sally!
B  I think I got Gsomething in my teeth could you e get it out for me?
AThat's fuckin' Teamwork!

DWhat's your favoritfise posish?
e That's cool with me it'sA not my favorite but I'lDl do it for you
What's your favoritfise dish?
I'm not goe nna cook it but I'll order Ait from Zanzibar!

And b then I'm gonna love youG completely
And Dthen I'll fuckin' fuckA you discretely
And b then I'll fuckin bone youG completely
But Dthen...

I'm goe nna fuck --A--  you --C--- hGaaaaaDaaaaard-------
B7 haaaaaaaaaaaaCaaaaaaaaaaaaaaDrd!!!!

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